DSPL9 EBSA Support

This support package  is aimed at primary and secondary aged children and young people who are experiencing Emotional Based School Absence (EBSA).

 Following the Emotionally Based School Absence guidance that was produced by the Education Psychology Service (EPS) in March 2021 and the focus of this area across Hertfordshire, the DSPL 9 SEND Review Group have made EBSA the priority this year.  They have worked with a wider audience of stakeholders to consider how as a DSPL we can support schools, Children and Young People (CYP) and parents in enabling and empowering CYP to move back into the schools and classrooms with limited emotional barriers and the tools, support network and confidence to access learning, friendships and school life.


Tier Access to
1 Primary and Secondary settings
2 Primary and Secondary settings
3 Primary and Secondary settings
4 Primary and Secondary settings

DSPL9 EBSA Support

DSPL9 EBSA Support (at a glance)

DSPL9 EBSA Support Guidance

What is EBSA?

DSPL9 EBSA Support – Forms and documents

Tier 2 Support

Parent support groups are held monthly via MS Teams. Please see the flyer linked below for full details and for booking information.

Parent Support Groups

Tier 3 Support

Solution circles will take place twice per each half term. The purpose of the meetings will be to provide additional support and continued professional development for SENCos and Pastoral Leads through group discussions and formulation of next steps.

For full details of Tier 3 support, including dates, please see pages 11 & 12 of  DSPL9 EBSA Support Guidance

Tier 4 Support

At this level, DSPL 9, in collaboration with NESSie and SWHP (South West Herts Partnership) will provide a triangulated approach to enable support to be available to the child, the family and the school.

For full details of Tier 4 support, including dates, please see pages 13,14 &15 of DSPL9 EBSA Support Guidance



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