Suggested Reading

Book title Author Suitable For
Autism and Aspergers    
Ten Things a Child With Autism Wishes You Knew Ellen Notbohm Parents/Carers & Professionals
Carly’s Voice Arthur Fleischman Parents/Carers & Professionals
How To Live With Autism and Aspergers Syndrome Barry Wright Parents/Carers & Professionals
Practical Strategies for Parent and Professionals    
Aspergers Syndrome – A Guide for Parents & Professionals Tony Attwood Parents/Carers & Professionals
Can I Tell You About Aspergers Syndrome Jude Welton A Guide for Family and Friends
Parenting a Child With Aspergers Syndrome Brenda Boyd Parents /Carers
200 Tips and Strategies    
The Reason I Jump Naoki Higashida Parents/Carers & Professionals
101 Games and Activities for Children with Autism, Aspergers Tiara Delaney Parents/Carers & Professionals
and Sensory Processing Disorders    
All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome Kathy Hoopman Parents/Carer & Children
Can I Tell You About Autism Jude Welton Family, Friends & Professionals
Autism, A Practical Guide for Parents Alana Yau Parent/Carers
Th Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Mark Haddon (Novel) Parents, Carers & Young People
Martian In The Playground Clare Sainsbury Parents, Carers, Professionals, Young People
Understanding The School Child With Aspergers Syndrome   Parents, Carers, Professionals
 Survival Guide for Kids with Autism (and their Parents)  Elizabeth Verdick & Elizabeth Reeve  Children, Young People, Parents & Carers – Anybody really
Get Out, Explore, Have Fun Lisa Jo Rudy The whole family
A Friends and Relatives Guide to supporting the Family with Autism Ann Palmer Friends & Relatives
All Dogs Have ADHD Kathy Hoopman Parent/Carers & Children
Understanding ADHD Chritopher Green & Kit Chee Parent/Carers & Professionals
Learning To Slow Down and Pay Attention Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ellen B. Dixon & Charley Beyl Children and Young People
A Book For Kids About ADHD    
Step By Step Help For Children with ADHD Cathy Laver-Bradbury, Margaret Thompson, Anne Weeks Parents/ Carers
A Self-help manual for Parents David Daley & Edmund J.S Sanuga-Burke  
Activity Books for Teens    
This Is Not A Book Keri Smith creative & imaginative ideas for Teens
Wreck This Journal Keri Smith creative & imaginative ideas for Teens
Other Good Reference Reading    
Understanding Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Dr Terri Passenger and Professor Colin Terrell Parents/Carers & Professionals
Kids In The Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Aspergers, Tourettes, Martin L. Kutscher Parents/Carers & Professionals
Bipolar and More – The One-Stop Guide    
Alphabet Kids – from ADD to Zellweger Syndrome Robbie Woliver Parents/Carers & Professionals
A Guide to Developmental, Neurobiological and    
Psychological Disorders    

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