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Welcome to The Acorn Centre and DSPL9 Primary Behaviour Partnership Page.

The DSPL9 Behaviour Partnership, Tiered Model for Primary Schools

Tier 1:

Each school to ensure clear, consistent behaviour policy, induction for new staff, identification of training needs etc.

Tier 2:

Each area: Watford, Bushey and Radlett, Croxley Green & Rickmansworth and South Oxhey has a ‘Hub’ school. This is a small team of teaching and support staff who have a range of resources to provide lower level generic behaviour support i.e. classroom environment, lunchtimes, positive language, peer to peer support, this will include a visit to hub school

Tier 2 Service Requests should be sent for the attention of Jan Crook  to

(Referral form in sidebar)

Tier 3:

Outreach support will be provided by Chessbrook and where appropriate family support can be requested from The Triage Service

A link to the Tier 3 Service Request forms and The Triage Service can be found on the side bar, please send to the appropriate recipient as shown on the form including as much information available.

Tier 3 Panel Dates

2020/21 – you will not be required to attend the panels but must have your service request in by the date shown. Thank you

Requests submitted by Panel Date
24.09.2019 01.10.2019
19.11.2019 26.11.2019
21.01.2020 28.01.2020
10.03.2020 18.03.2020
28.04.2020 05.05.2020
16.06.2020 23.06.2020

Tier 4:

Children at risk of permanent exclusion

The Acorn Centre may offer an alternative environment for Primary aged children for up to 3 terms, Outreach Services may be offered in the school setting prior to this. Your Service Request will need to meet clear criteria; schools will share referral and evidence at an inclusion panel. This would be expected to include evidence of strategies used by school and impact, incidents, advice/support from other agencies – this may not always be Chessbrook – could be involvement by an EP, communication team, CAMHS or other appropriate service/agency

Tier 4 Panel Dates


Request submitted by Panel Date













Tier 5:

Children who have been permanently excluded – to ensure that children receive their statutory entitlement to full time provision from Day 6.

PLEASE NOTE: Admission of children from Tier 5 will always be prioritised but permanent exclusion will not always mean The Acorn Centre provision is appropriate for individual children.

Acorn Support & Procedures

The Tier 4 and Tier 5 flowcharts give insight into the referral process and onward journey of the child should their referral application be accepted with the Acorn Centre or Outreach Support. 

As of Monday 22nd June, the Acorn Centre will be offering a consultation line for schools & professionals should they need advice surrounding family or behaviorial queries. 


Monday 9.30am – 11.30am

07950 900442

If your call relates to any of the below, our Family Advocate will be available for calls once a week.

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • housing 
  • debt management/ benefits 
  • Anger and behaviour 
  • routines 
  • choices and consequences 
  • emotional well being 
  • mental health 
  • bereavement 



Tuesday 12.00pm – 2pm

Lisa: 07375 443987

Thursday 12.30pm – 4pm

Nikki: 07946 266107

If your call relates to any of the below, our Provision Leads with be available for calls twice weekly.

  • Risk Management Plans
  • Return to School worries
  • Anxieties
  • Therapeutic Support
  • General advice & strategies

Contact Us

The Acorn Centre, 29 Lincolnsfield, Bushey Hall Drive, Bushey, Herts, WD23 2ES

Provision Lead: Nikki Lucas

M: 07946 266107

Contact: Kat Read – Acorn Administrator


T: 01923 800222


 Current as of June 2020

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